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Wok with Tak


Basic Course of the FAST Cooking System

Bring fun and joy back to home cooking.


Learn the Basic Techniques of the System

Make everyday home cooking practical and fun through Advanced Prepping and Stir-frying.

"Cooking had always been a chore, but not any more."


"With the FAST Cooking System, I am never tired of cooking"

"Advanced prepping and stir-frying is the foundation for me to have fun and cook everyday."

"I started to have fun in the kitchen, as soon as I began advanced prepping and stir-frying."

Broccoli pepper green beans
Chicken black bean and onion
Chicken color peppers (2)
Chicken mushroom scallions (2)
Chicken onion and carrots
Chicken blackbean onion carrots
Colorful vegetable medley
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What will I learn in this course?

A six-hour course of hands-on learning of Advanced Prepping and Stir-frying

"This course has brought the fun back to cooking."


"This course entirely change my attitude toward cooking from a chore to something fun."

"This course is a great investment in making me happy and enjoy life."


"This course has shown me the integration between advanced prepping and stir-frying."


How am I going to learn Advanced Prepping?

Learn Advanced Prepping in a 3-hour class with hands-on activities

"I find advanced prepping making cooking more fun."


"This class makes Advanced Prepping simple and fun."

"Mastering Advanced Prepping has changed my cooking completely."


Mastering Stir-frying and Wok Cooking

 “Learn the ancient wisdom of wok cooking to experience the magic of stir-frying”

"It is invaluable to learn how to to take care of my wok!"


"Tak has great insights in making stir-frying efficient, practical, and fun."

"From this course, I have developed full confidence in using my wok and in stir-frying."


Why should I take this course?

You can start to cook with fun and efficiency after taking this course

You can bring play and enjoyment into your cooking


"I find my creativity in cooking through Advanced Prepping and Stir-frying."

"With Advanced Prepping and Stir-frying, I never run out of options of what to cook."


What is the aim  of this course?

To demonstrate the integration between Advanced Prepping and Stir-frying

"I now cook everyday after taking this course."


"This course provides me a starting point of the FAST Cooking System."

"I feel confident to cook everyday after taking this course."


Signup for This Course

Signup as an individual or as a group.

Hands-on small class with maximum 10 students.

$150 per person

Duration: 6 hours

Hands-on classes (2x3 hr)

Max 10, Min 8

Call or text:

  • 815-617-9894

  • 815-848-2557

"I like the division of the course for absorbing the materials over a 2-day period."

"Two 3-hour classes allow thorough coverage of the materials."


Tak Cheung

About Us

Wellness is our mission and passion

Hi, Tak Cheung here. Welcome to Wok with Tak, a website that I created to help people to improve their wellness through food. Each of us knows that a good diet comes from eating fresh and unprocessed food. However, putting this into practice is challenging and difficult. I developed the FAST Cooking System to make home cooking PERFECT - Practical, Efficient, Rapid, Fusion, Economical, Creative, and Tasty – the PERFECT home cooking solution. My FAST Cooking System (short for Flavor Chasing, Advanced Prepping, Stir-frying, and Template-based Cooking) is designed for home cooking in the 21st century. As a biology professor of immunology for 30 years, I understand the value and significance of food on one’s health.  Therefore, my goal is to merge the knowledge of health with the practicality of home cooking to create a cooking system that is fun and delicious can be used on a daily basis. Adopting  my FAST Cooking System is a lifestyle change that benefits not just your physical health but also your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. After all, food is far more than nourishment!

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