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Wok with Tak


The Cooking School Wok Kitchen

Incubator kitchen 02.jpg

A place for you to experience and enjoy the ancient art of wok cooking


Come and have fun in the craft of stir-frying

A place for you to explore one of the oldest cookery crafts in the world.


Come and join me for a new experience in Wokking!


"I learn the best when I am having fun, and this class is a lot of fun."

"In this class, I learned a lot by doing, and this is the kind of class that I like."

"I have to do it myself before I could believe that wok cooking is amazingly effective."

21-07-12 Coconut shrimp zucchini mushroom
21-07-12 Cauliflower broccoli purple cabbage
21-07-11 Eggplant tofu puff
21-07-11 Egg and scallions
21-07-09 Spaghetti sauce with rigatoni cauliflower stem
21-07-08 Sweet and sour shrimp
21-07-08 Cauliflower broccoli shitake
21-07-03 Bok choy green bean vegetable medley
21-07-02 Orange chicken with pineapples
21-07-02 Eggs with bitter melon
21-07-01 Eggplant shrimp zucchini
21-07-02 Cauliflower and carrots

A Kitchen with History

Connecting the present with the past at the Streator Incubator

How cooking could be curious and fascinating


"The old building adds to the magic of the cooking class."

"I love the history of the building being maintained through the cooking classes."


"Only through this cooking class, I could fully grasp the enormous power of this cooking approach."


The Perfect Cooking Playground

Come to have fun in this spatial and beautiful kitchen to experience wok cooking

"You show me how, and I am going to do the work."


"The Amory kitchen is the perfect setup for having these cooking classes."

"The kitchen is clean and organized with plenty of space to move around."


You Cook, Create, and Have Fun

No cooking experience necessary to enjoy the magic of wok cooking

You involve me, and I learn!


This is so much fun, and I couldn't wait to try this at home."

"I have a blast today, and I am going to bring my parents next time."

"I never realize that wok cooking could be so much fun!"


Discover Your Inner Cook

With guidance you are going to have fun cooking your own meal

"Wow, I am impressed by how good a cook I am!"


"I have learned how to create the flavor of food that I love in just 2 hours!"

"I am amazed by how simple and how much fun to create such tasty food."


Where is The Cooking School?

At the Streator Business Incubator  401 W. Bridge Street, Streator, IL

Incubator sign outdoor.jpg

"After taking this course, cooking is never dull."


  • Park in the large parking lot.

  • Enter the side door toward the back of the building by following the sign.

  • School is open  at 30 minutes before class.

Incubator entrance.jpg

Streator Business Incubator  401 W. Bridge Street, Streator, IL


Tak Cheung

About Us

Wellness is our mission and passion

Hi, Tak Cheung here. Welcome to Wok with Tak, a website that I created to help people to improve their wellness through food. Each of us knows that a good diet comes from eating fresh and unprocessed food. However, putting this into practice is challenging and difficult. I developed the FAST Cooking System to make home cooking PERFECT - Practical, Efficient, Rapid, Fusion, Economical, Creative, and Tasty – the PERFECT home cooking solution. My FAST Cooking System (short for Flavor Chasing, Advanced Prepping, Stir-frying, and Template-based Cooking) is designed for home cooking in the 21st century. As a biology professor of immunology for 30 years, I understand the value and significance of food on one’s health.  Therefore, my goal is to merge the knowledge of health with the practicality of home cooking to create a cooking system that is fun and delicious can be used on a daily basis. Adopting  my FAST Cooking System is a lifestyle change that benefits not just your physical health but also your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. After all, food is far more than nourishment!

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