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Wok with Tak


Cooking Class: Introduction to the FAST Cooking System

"You involve me, and I learn."


Hands-on  Cooking Class

Enjoy the experiences at the cooking class with your family, friends, and colleagues. 

"Charlie and I had a blast cooking together!"


"It was a great welcoming party for my friends visiting from Germany."

"It was a perfect 21st birthday party for my daughter and her friends."


"We had so much fun cooking together."


Learn  Stir-frying

Learn the basics to start stir-frying immediately with confidence.

"I really enjoy the simplicity of stir-frying"


"I never thought stir-frying could be so easy."

"I was never confident in cooking.   This class has changed everything."

Vegetable medley
Broccoli pepper green beans
Vegetable medley vs210225-002 (2)
Broccoli cauliflower fried rice
Shrimp and peppers

"I am amazed by what I can cook in a wok, not just Chinese food."


Learn  to Cook  in a Wok

Get the answers you want about the perfect wok to own.

11. Wok size comparison 12 14 16.jpg

"I am glad that Tak helped me to select the right wok.


"I have learned so much about the wok that I never knew."

"After this class, I feel confident in using the wok."


Learn to Prep for Stir-frying

Learn the basic principles on how to prep your ingredients

"I find prepping relaxing"


"At this class, I can see how advanced prepping will make home cooking easier."

"I have learned how advanced prepping will make home cooking simple and fun!"


Learn How to Cook Every Day

Cook a meal with all fresh ingredients in less than 30 minutes.

"I can cook most dishes in 5 minutes or less."


"Through this cooking class, I can see many possibilities in my home cooking."

"I bought a wok from Tak right after the cooking class because I love this cooking method!"

Booking a group class

Booking a Group Cooking Class

Come to cook with your family members, friends, and colleagues.

Cooking class on prepping.jpg

"Come to have fun and share your experiences."

Group Price: $500

For up to 10 or less in a group.

Please call or text for more details:

815-617-9894 or


Or Email:


Adopting the FAST Cooking System

You can learn to adopt the FAST Cooking System by taking two 6-hour courses.

Walmart produce.jpg

An amazing investment in the future.

Course 1. Basics

  1. Advanced Prepping

  2. Stir-frying

Course 2. Advance

  1. Template-based cooking

  2. Flavor chasing

Tak Cheung


About Us

Wellness is our mission and passion

Hi, Tak Cheung here. Welcome to Wok with Tak, a website that I created to help people to improve their wellness through food. Each of us knows that a good diet comes from eating fresh and unprocessed food. However, putting this into practice is challenging and difficult. I developed the FAST Cooking System to make home cooking PERFECT - Practical, Efficient, Rapid, Fusion, Economical, Creative, and Tasty – the PERFECT home cooking solution. My FAST Cooking System (short for Flavor Chasing, Advanced Prepping, Stir-frying, and Template-based Cooking) is designed for home cooking in the 21st century. As a biology professor of immunology for 30 years, I understand the value and significance of food on one’s health.  Therefore, my goal is to merge the knowledge of health with the practicality of home cooking to create a cooking system that is fun and delicious can be used on a daily basis. Adopting  my FAST Cooking System is a lifestyle change that benefits not just your physical health but also your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. After all, food is far more than nourishment!

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