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Wok with Tak

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Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Cooking School

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Come to Experience the Joy of Wok Cooking!

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Experience the magic of   the FAST Cooking System

Making home cooking practical, efficient, creative, and fun

"We are having so much fun!"


"I did not know how easy it is to cook in a wok!"

​"This is so much fun.  I want to buy a wok right now!"

Online & In-person

Learning the quick and easy steps to cook these dishes in the

Wok with Tak Cooking School

Asparagus and carrots farm 01
Eggplant vegetable medley 01
Baby bok choy and tofu
Chicken purple cabbage medley 02
Shrimp eggplant broccoli
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FAST Cooking System

"With the FAST Cooking System, I can cook like this every evening."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Make Home Cooking Fun and Practical

FAST is the acronym of its 4 attributes.

"I never get bored with the FAST System."

FAST Cooking System

  • Flavor chasing

  • Advanced prepping

  • Stir-frying

  • Template-based cooking

"I can create an infinite number of dishes with the FAST Cooking System."

Asparagus chicken
Bok choy P1320678
Broccoli Kale mushroom P1320653
Broccoli cauliflower
Chicken peanut vs210203-003 (2)
Chicken vegetables P1320663
Colorful vegetable medley dish
Egg and frozen vegetables
Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Why the FAST Cooking System?

A cooking system designed for the modern lifestyle

Colorful vegetable medley.jpg

"With FAST , I can create beautiful dishes like this."


"With the FAST Cooking System, my cooking is always interesting and fun."

"Using the FAST Cooking System, I look forward to cooking every evening."

Broccoli pepper green beans
Chicken mushroom scallions (2)
Colorful vegetable medley
Pork eggplant P1310798
Vegetable medley
Broccoli pepper green beans
Vegetable medley vs210225-002 (2)
Broccoli cauliflower fried rice
Shrimp and peppers

"With stir-frying, I can cook any these dishes in just a few minutes."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Why Stir-frying?

Stir-frying is fast, efficient, and flexible. Most importantly it is a lot of fun.

Healthy Vegetable Stir-fry You Love!


"I really enjoy stir-frying because it helps me to relax after a long day at work."

"I love stir-frying. It is fast and healthy."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Why Advanced Prepping?

By prepping once a week, cooking a meal takes less than 30 min.

Prep in containers DSC_4068.JPG

"These are like money in the bank."


"I love advanced prepping because I can focus on cooking." 

"With advanced prepping, I can cook anytime I want."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Why Template-based Cooking?

Set yourself free from the restrictions and limitations of recipes.

Cook With Freedom and Creativity!


"I can see how template-based cooking makes my cooking more creative."

"With template-based cooking I could cook hundreds of different dishes without recipes."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

What is Flavor Chasing?

With flavor chasing, you can become a better cook.

"With flavor chasing, I have become my best cook."


"I am constantly improving as a cook to make my food taste better."

"With flavor chasing, I never stop being surprised how good my cooking is."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Free Introductory Course  

You can learn how to adopt the FAST Cooking System in this short course.

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"We had a blast at the cooking class."

Course 1. Basics

  • Advanced Prepping

  • Stir-frying

Course 2. Advance

  • Template-based cooking

  • Flavor chasing

"Adopting the FAST Cooking System has changed my life"

"My food tastes amazing, and I have become a great cook because of FAST."

Wok with Tak_wok 06_230119_300x249.png

Tak Cheung

About Us

Wellness is our mission and passion

Hi, Tak Cheung here. Welcome to Wok with Tak, a website that I created to help people to improve their wellness through food. Each of us knows that a good diet comes from eating fresh and unprocessed food. However, putting this into practice is challenging and difficult. I developed the FAST Cooking System to make home cooking PERFECT - Practical, Efficient, Rapid, Fusion, Economical, Creative, and Tasty – the PERFECT home cooking solution. My FAST Cooking System (short for Flavor Chasing, Advanced Prepping, Stir-frying, and Template-based Cooking) is designed for home cooking in the 21st century. As a biology professor of immunology for 30 years, I understand the value and significance of food on one’s health.  Therefore, my goal is to merge the knowledge of health with the practicality of home cooking to create a cooking system that is fun and delicious can be used on a daily basis. Adopting  my FAST Cooking System is a lifestyle change that benefits not just your physical health but also your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. After all, food is far more than nourishment!

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