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Wok with Tak


Cooking School

Come to Experience the Joy of Wok Cooking!


Experience the magic of  stir-frying

You are going to have a lot of  fun in this class whether you cook or not.

"We are having so much fun!"


"I did not know how easy it is to cook in a wok!"

​"This is so much fun.  I want to buy a wok right now!"

Imagine learning the quick easy secrets to be able to cook these dishes in just a class or two!

Asparagus and carrots farm 01
Eggplant vegetable medley 01
Baby bok choy and tofu
Chicken purple cabbage medley 02
Shrimp eggplant broccoli

Enjoy the Food You Cook 

Amaze yourself eating the tasty food you and your classmates cook -straight from the wok!! 

P1180079 (2).JPG

"I am surprised how easy to create dishes like this."



"Wow, this tastes so good. I didn't know how simple it could be!"

"This is amazingly delicious, and I just cooked this!"

Serving fried rice 01
Serving meal 02
Asparagus and carrots farm_03
Shrimp serving
Chicken purple cabbage medley 02

Private Group Cooking Classes

Tailor the class to meet the specific needs of your group. 

Cooking 04.jpg

"We cooked these together!"


"This is the best birthday party I ever had."

"What a great way to have a family reunion!"

"A great way to have a wedding shower!"

"We are so glad that our entire family can come together to share this amazing experience."


Cook with Your Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Share this learning experience and delicious food with your loved ones.

"I learn as I cook!"


"What a great team-building event!"

"This experience is priceless, and I will remember for the rest of my life."

"This was a great way to connect with my family!"


Have a Party and Learn at  the Same Time

A perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion or event. 

Serving meal 01.jpg

"Everybody cooks and shares their cooking!"


"It was a great graduation present from my parents to get me started being on my own."

"A great way to have a reunion with my best friends!"


A Transformative   Experience to Cherish

Be ready to be inspired and find a new relationship with food.

P1180025 (2).JPG

You can start cooking this dish tomorrow.


"I cannot wait to get started with stir-frying. I am going to love this!" 

"This is so much fun. I know that this is going to change my life."


Experience FAST Cooking System

A cooking system designed for our current busy lives.  Practical, sustainable, and fun!

Learn More

Cooking Classes
Fresh vegetables 04.JPG

A true investment in your future.

Cooking Classes/Courses


2.5 h

Learn More

FAST Courses

Basic - 6 h

Learn More

Advance - 6 h 

Learn More

Tak Cheung

About Us

Wellness is our mission and passion

Hi, Tak Cheung here. Welcome to Wok with Tak, a website that I created to help people to improve their wellness through food. Each of us knows that a good diet comes from eating fresh and unprocessed food. However, putting this into practice is challenging and difficult. I developed the FAST Cooking System to make home cooking PERFECT - Practical, Efficient, Rapid, Fusion, Economical, Creative, and Tasty – the PERFECT home cooking solution. My FAST Cooking System (short for Flavor Chasing, Advanced Prepping, Stir-frying, and Template-based Cooking) is designed for home cooking in the 21st century. As a biology professor of immunology for 30 years, I understand the value and significance of food on one’s health.  Therefore, my goal is to merge the knowledge of health with the practicality of home cooking to create a cooking system that is fun and delicious can be used on a daily basis. Adopting  my FAST Cooking System is a lifestyle change that benefits not just your physical health but also your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. After all, food is far more than nourishment!

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